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Your Aspire presentation will begin with a 25-30 minute TED-style Talk providing an overview of your topic. Presenters will be paired with another speaker in their track to make up the one-hour Talk session.

Following the completion of your Talk, attendees will join you at a different venue for a one-hour breakout session for a more profound conversation on your Talk topic.

Consider these popular formats when designing and describing the Chat portion of your presentation:

  • Case study: A common format, case studies present facts, problems, and/or data with questions to generate discussion and solutions. 
  • Panel presentation: Series of short lectures or a Q&A segment facilitated by a moderator.
  • Lecture: Give a short mini-lecture at the session's start to generate discussion, or provide a series of short mini-lectures, each followed by discussion. 
  • Interactive: Using technology such as Poll Everywhere to gather real time responses from the audience and structure the conversation to be more meaningful.
  • Virtual activities: One or more topic-driven activities using a collaborative online platform like Mural. 


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